Bonjour! Où est la révolution Typewriter à Paris?

My wife and I have been long overdue for a vacation. We finally had a window, saw some great deals on flights and hotels and got on a plane just 36 hours after booking. Our destination? Paris. It’s a beacon of culture and civilization, and has played a special role throughout the course of our relationship.

I had planned on bringing my 1956 Olivetti Lettera 22 to catch up on some writing, but it was too big for my laptop bag. I spent the first couple of days casually looking for a typewriter I could either rent or buy for use during the trip.

On that note, cue my first report…

Paris Typewriter Report_02Feb16Here’s a first look at my new-to-me 1963 Hermes Baby with Swiss QWERTZ keyboard:

First look at 1963 Hermes Baby with Swiss QWERTZ keyboard, bought during my Paris trip. QWERTZ key layout for Swiss-German, plus keys for most accents and diacritics in both in French and German. I think it's going to be a keeper!

First look at 1963 Hermes Baby with Swiss QWERTZ keyboard. I think it’s going to be a keeper!

It’s in excellent working condition, although I need a replacement plastic handle for the outer case. If you have one, or know someone who does, please let me know!

Here’s a prelim type sample, using  pangrams for English, German and French to show off the full capabilities of this machine:

1963 Hermes Baby_SN 5985318_type sample_11Feb16Much more to follow. Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Bonjour! Où est la révolution Typewriter à Paris?

  1. I did not find a great typewriter-using community in Paris when I was there not long ago.

    However, my Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto has appeared in Paris:

    And check out Paul Sath’s Facebook page:

    There’s also a busy office machine collectors’ scene in France:

    • Richard, thanks for weighing in. I read about the Insurgency Manifesto being posted and discovered ANCMECA in searches, but like you didn’t find all that much. Stay tuned for my follow-up posts; I’m also trying to do a little sleuthing and will post anything I find.

  2. Sadly, I think sometimes I’ve moved to Paris and found myself at the center of a typewriter-free zone. There is sometimes one of those revolutionaries perched outside of Shakes & Co., typewriter at the ready to pound out a poem for the plethora of passersby. Too bad I didn’t know you were coming! I could have loaned you one of my ICOs or maybe a trusty Remington Noiseless or L32, though of course none of them is quite as lithe as the Baby.

    Rodja: I’ve gone through security a bunch with one of my machines and travel a lot with my L32. Sometimes you get a little question (“People still use these?”) but generally its no fuss.

    • I’m so sorry we couldn’t meet when I was there, and that was before the offer of a rental ICO! I can’t think of a more stylish machine for cafe writing.

      I think Paris has great potential for a typewriter community, stay tuned as I will be having more to say on the subject…

    • Mais oui! Thanks to a little nudge from Scott, I wrote to the good people of Shakes & Co and we’re set for our first ever Type-In. As far as I know, this is the first Type-In to be held in all of France. I can’t find any info in English or French for any other Type-In. Maybe it was very underground.

      I’m looking forward to meeting some people and seeing some great machines!

    • Yep! Very happy for Lucas & hope it helps bring together the community. You can’t beat the location, that’s for sure!

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