8 thoughts on “Sears Newport: 1970s Style and Surprisingly Good Print

  1. ha! In a Royal case – interesting. I should note that this is probably an 80’s machine, as the ABC pattern Royals started coming out of Portugal starting Nov 1979, and it seems likely that Messa began rebranding for other buyers not long after.

    • Ted, thanks for the info on dates – it would be interesting to get more info on this, but somehow I don’t think that many of these will make it into the Typewriter Database. (Mine will of course.)

    • FYI – the newspaper advertisements for the Newport in the type-writer.org post I’ve linked to are dated 1971. I don’t know the length of manufacturing dates, but it does suggest this machine was a product of the 1970’s.

    • I can’t disagree, but since they went all the way with the design I have to give them points for chutzpah. And for color palette, I guess.

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