3 thoughts on “Olympia SM4 Script – Just Back from the Shop

  1. What a lovely Olympia! I just recently found a 1960’s Royal Aristocrat with script type and can’t wait to clean it up and try it out. I agree with you about the value of a serviced or at least restored typewriter. I was in an antique shop the other day and came across three machines that had not been touched in 50 years. Given that there is only one typewriter mechanic on the border of both Vermont and New Hampshire, what is one to do with any of these machines? Stiff, dirty keys and a worn out ribbons leave these typewriters practically useless to the novice. Hardly worth the $50 they were asking. On the other hand, the gentleman who was selling fully restored radios from the 1930’s for about $150 was on the right track!

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