R.I.P. Derek Walcott, Poet

Sir Derek Walcott, poet of St. Lucia and winner of the Nobel Prize. (1930-2017)

I don’t read nearly enough poetry, so lately it’s only when a poet passes that I become aware of just what I’ve been missing. Reading the obit for Derek Walcott, however, makes it clear that I need to find time to read more. To wit:

I hear he was best known for using an Olivetti, but which model I’m not sure. Richard P. found a press photo of Mr. Walcott sitting a typewriter:

LATEST UPDATE: After some consultation among Typospherians, Mr. Walcott’s typewriter has been confirmed to be a Montgomery Ward Escort 350 from the early 1970s, based on Ted Munk‘s identification. According to Ted and other cognoscenti, this machine is based on the Brother JP-7. Here’s a photo of a similar model from Ted’s collection, the Escort 550:

1971 Montgomery Ward Escort 550, from the collection of Mr. Munk.

And here’s Ted, posing with his Escort 550 typewriter in homage to Derek Walcott at my request:

The Right Rev. Ted Munk, with his 1971 Monty Ward Escort 550, posing in homage to Derek Walcott.

If anyone finds other pics, let me know and I’ll add them to this post.

For more info:



15 thoughts on “R.I.P. Derek Walcott, Poet

    • We have a winner – thanks for figuring this out! The carriage return paddle threw me off, plus in the pic it’s hard to see the lines on the white body. Funnily enough, that same typewriter is pictured in the Hutchison guide. Nice sleuthing and again thanks!!

  1. gonna do you one better – Wolcott’s is an Escort 350 – the 10″ carriage version that comes with a snap-on lid. While it’s hard to tell the carriage length from the photo, it’s easy to note that his lacks the rubber rollers on the paper bail that the 550 has. (:

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