Art Skill, Typewriter Mechanic in Vancouver BC

I just spent a much-needed weekend at Harrison Hot Springs, just east of Chilliwack, BC and not far over the border from Washington State. We visited with dear friends from White Rock, who know of my typewriter hobby and shared this recent article in the Vancouver Sun:

I believe the bit about the 90-year-old guy in Olympia refers to Mr. Bob Montgomery of Bremerton Office Machines, who turned over his shop to his apprentice Paul Lundy a few years ago…

Even though these typewriters-are-still-here articles seem to repeat one another, they’re still nice to see. There is a need for skilled repair, as more and more people re-discover typewriters. I just hope we continue to gather and share knowledge while some of these old guys are still left.


5 thoughts on “Art Skill, Typewriter Mechanic in Vancouver BC

  1. Nice story. With the scorching hot Texas summer just around the corner, I would love to escape the heat and come visit this shop.

  2. Inspiring story and proof that restoring typewriters is not just another job.
    Also his name is nearly to good to be true, Art Skill, I bet he embodies both.

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