I’m a marketing professional in the Information Technology sector, living and working on the West Coast of the United States. Computing history, the influence of pre-computing technologies and 20th industrial design are all areas of interest I pursue in my spare time.

Why did I name my blog “CLICK, CLACK, DING!” I tried a bunch of different names and they were awful. The other names were either too serious, too oblique, too full of bad puns, too poseur, etc. Some sounded good to the ear but didn’t look right on a page; others vice-versa.

The typewriter blog names I like best are distinctive, direct, and a little bit quirky. I woke up one night with the words “Click, Clack DING!” coming through loud and clear, in that order. This onomatopoetic phrase immediately evokes manual typewriters and is just quirky enough for the Typosphere. As a bonus, it sounds like the typewriter equivalent of Zang Tumb Tumb – the poem as well as the record label. Done. All I need to do now is write a Manifesto with the same name and my 15 seconds of Internet fame is assured.

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  1. Nice blog!
    I’ve just found your video – 1947 IBM Model 01 Electric Typewriter – and found it very interesting.
    I have just bought one that I would like to restore. Not bad condition although it needs rewiring and new belt which should be fun. I don’t suppose you have any sort of manual for the machine (well I had to ask)? It would make it easier to work on.


    • Nick, thanks for the note. I don’t have a service manual for the IBM Electric, mine will go to a pro for servicing the belt etc.

      Fortunately JJ Short, one of the last U.S. Suppliers for platens, also does power rollers for the IBM typebar electrics. Hope this helps.

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